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Rubber Chest Wader CS01

Specially designed for fishing or working in deep water, unknown drop-offs or fast current rivers
Durable, comfortable and 100% waterproof with chest-high protection;
Made of 2-ply materials of 300D jersey and vulcanized rubber;
Multi-layer rubber on the toe and heel for added durability and protection;
User-friendly designs for additional comfort and convenience;
Rubber and felt soles optional for different applications
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Product Details

Product Introduction:

WeaArco rubber chest wader CS01 (with rubber soles) and CS01-F (with felt soles) are specially designed for fly fishing, water gardening or waterfowl hunting in deeper waters, stronger current streams or unknown drop-offs and gullies. It’s also comfortable for colder climates

With top-level vulcanized rubber upper, 100% taped seams and dimpled knee pads designs, CS01 provides you almost complete protection in rugged outdoor environments.

What scenarios will rubber chest waders CS01 and CS01-F be used?

llFly fishing, water gardening or waterfowl hunting in deeper waters, stronger current streams or unknown drop-offs and gullies

llWorking in the chemical industry, agriculture, aquaculture and in the maintenance of water supply, sewerage and etc

What makes chest wader CS01 and CS01-F so competitive in the market?

llUltra-tough, versatile and 100% waterproof 

llExtremely rugged design with top-level vulcanized rubber upper, 100% taped seams and dimpled knee pads

llAdjustable H-back web suspenders with durable quick-release buckles for better fit to people of different heights 

llDraw cord design for a proper fit

llInner pocket allows easy storage of smart phone or sundries

llKick spur for easy take off 





Upper: top-level vulcanized rubber

Inter: comfortable 300D polyester



lSize Range

CS01: 7-14

CS01-F: 10-11


CS01: rubber soles

CS01-F: felt soles

lWader Style

Bootfoot Chest Wader

What tests have the chest waders CS01 and CS01-F been done?

We test our waders strictly as per SATRA Test Methods. The physical test for CS01 and CS01-F mainly include dynamic waterproof test, aging test, flexing, pulling test and adhesion of upper to sole test.


1 year


Q:   Why do chest waders CS01 and CS01-F come with a pocket?
A  The pocket allows you to carry additional items as you fish, such as mobile phone, wallet, key or other sundries . This is especially important as you cannot access your pant pockets while wearing this kind of wader. However, for hip waders, since you can generally get access to your actual pockets, this feature is not that necessary.
However, make sure that no sharp objects would be put in your wader pockets as they may cause scratch, tears or holes and damage the waterproofness.

Q:   What do you wear under your chest waders?
A  For bottoms, tight-fitting long underwear or wading leggings are good options. You could then put on a pair of thermal wader pants to help insulate your legs from the very cold water. For socks, we would recommend a thick pair of wool socks.

Q:   How do you dry out the inside of chest waders quickly?
A  There are mainly two ways to dry out wet waders. 

  Option 1 : You can roll your waders inside out as much as possible and hang them from the shoulder straps on a ceiling truss in your furnace room. Then you can put an electric fan on it's back underneath the chest waders.

  Option 2 :  Stuff the chest waders full of crumpled newspaper. The capillary action of the paper will draw out the water. They might still be a little damp, but will be wearable the next day.

How to care your rubber chest wader?

Wash the wader regularly with cold water and normal detergent that does not contain bleach. Once you have washed the chest wader, make sure you dry them properly start by drying the inside first. Never put your chest wader in the dryer. After the chest wader dried, store upside-down out of direct sunlight in a cool and dry place.

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