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100% Waterproof Rubber Chest Wader CS01 is Coming

Release time:2020-05-22    Article Source:Jiejia

WeaArco CS01 is a rubber chest wader to keep you dry and warm when wading through deep water,  unknown drop-offs or gullies,  fast current rivers

With 2-ply materials of 300D jersey and vulcanized rubber, the rubber surface is tough and easy to clean, while the inner polyester jersey is very soft and comfortable. 

CS01 is not only very convenient for use, but also versatile for people of different heights or body types with some smart designs, such as the adjustable elastic belt
quick-release locking buckledraw cordinner pocketkick spur and etc. 

Moreover, you can choose either rubber or felt soles for different applications, or both for all environments. 

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